36 Real Thoughts I Had During My Weekend on Tinder

Tinder has always fascinated me. This weekend I decided to try it out and record some thoughts I had along what some scholars call a “journey of self-discovery.” It was a wild ride.

  1. They should have the Myspace feature where you can have a song playing on your profile, i.e Wannabe by the Spice Girls, Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen, I’m Awesome by Spose.
  2. Mine would totally be No Scrubs by TLC… gets the point across, but in a fun ‘n’ flirty way.
  3. This is strangely addicting, oh no.
  4. OMG! My crush from class, ugh. WHAT DOES IT MEAAAAAN!!
  5. It means he’s SINGLE!
  6. We haven’t matched yet, did he left swipe me?!
  7. Do I even want a boy who’s on Tinder anyways?
  8. Better question: WHY AM I ON TINDER RIGHT NOW?
  9. My thumb is literally on autopilot left swiping.
  10. This is bad cause I’ve accidentally rejected many o’ boys.
  11. “Baby come back! You can blame it all on meeeee!”
  12. I wonder how many people actually have Tinder premium. Where can I find those stats, stat?
  13. NOOOOOO someone I know in real life.
  14. Do you think he swiped right on me even though he knows me?
  15. Is that a thing to do? Swipe right as like a joke or do you just ignore each other? What is the protocol?!
  17. Why do guys that I already swiped left on keep popping up? Maybe Tinder thinks I give second chances pshhhawwww.
  18. Oh, that guy has a dog in his pics. Honestly, I respect the strategy.
  19. Damnit. Someone just texted me a pic of my profile. THEY KNOW. I FEEL SO VULNERABLE. ABORT THE MISSION!
  20. I know the perfect response to show how “cool” I am about the whole situation.
  21. IMG_4301
  22. Beyoncé could have made money doing a Tinder ad… “to the left, to the left.”
  23. I wonder if any celebrities have Tinder.
  24. Can you imagine matching with Zac Efron?
  25. I bet his bio would say something like: I’m a down home kinda guy, but I know how to have a good time.”
  26. First impression is everything, so why is your first pic you and the deer you just hunted.
  27. Have you ever seen Bambi, sir?!
  28. Quality film… now I wanna watch Bambi.
  29. If someone messages me, I’ll suggest “Bambi and chill.”
  30. Also, why do guys include pics of them and some other girl?
  31. Do you not get the concept of Tinder?!
  32. This is too much. I am very heated.
  33. Tinder’s got me heated… they’re putting meaning that little flame icon they got going on.
  34. I’ve been on for two days and I feel like a changed woman.
  35. LOL JK! Time to delete.
  36. Ok maybe 5 more minutes.
36 Real Thoughts I Had During My Weekend on Tinder

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