#25DaysofChristmasShirts: The Journey

Combining my two great loves, Christmas and Ohio Thrift, I came up with the #25DaysofChristmasShirts chall From 1-25, here we go…

Day 1: Nutcracker Christmas

This flannel is one of my favorite Christmas shirts that I own. I got it at the Athens Goodwill and it was a smart purchase, despite my grievances with Goodwill. I even chose to wear it again after the challenge.day 1

Day 2: The Ghost of Christmas Presents

I was proud of this play on A Christmas Carol. Also, I LOVE big, roomy shirts, so it was a winner.day 2

Day 3: Olive the Other Reindeer

She used to laugh and call him names. :/day 3

Day 4: Business Professional Santa

I had a presentation this day, so I decided a cute look would be a pencil skirt topped with Santa’s head. Everyone else seemed to agree.day 4

Day 5: Tree-Shirt Dress

One of my favorite outfits of the challenge. This was a nightgown that I found at the good ole thrift shop and turned into a dress just by adding a belt. It’s that simple.day 5

Day 6: Lazy Santa Sunday

Maybe you’re thinking, why lazy? She’s wearing lipstick, seems fancy to me. Doesn’t take long to put on lipstick.day 6

Day 7: Peppermint Patties

This was the start of finals week and what’s more fun than finals week? Fun facts. Did you know that peppermint is shown to improve focus/attention?day 7

Day 8: Frosty with a Frosty

I went out of my way just to buy a frosty for this picture. Merry Christmas to me.day 8

Day 9: Have a Holly Jolly Flannel

Not my favorite, I’m gonna be honest. Anybody want a christmas flannel?day 9

Day 10: Christmas Bum

After a late night studying, this was a great selection. Big and comfy for a day at the library for MORE studying.day 10

Day 11: Home Sweet Home

FINALLY HOME FOR CHRISTMAS! There’s no place like home for the holidays.day 11

Day 12: Joy to the World!

The oldest Christmas sweater I own. It’s one of my mom’s. Truly a classic.
day 12.jpg

Day 13: Little Soulja Drummer Boy

Hopped up out the shower, turn my Christmas on. Took a look in the mirror, say wassup wassup.

day 13.jpg

Day 14: Classy Christmas

Wearing a Christmas tree in front of a Christmas tree. Never have I ever been more ME.day 14

Day 15: Santa’s Buns

This was my first day back at work at home and the start of the madness. Because of my work uniform, I didn’t get to wear my Christmas shirts for very long. I wore this shirt for 2-3 hours, BUT probably the best bun I’ve ever done.day 15

Day 16: Oh By Gosh by Golly, It’s Time for Mistletoe & Holly

Another short-lived outfit. 😦 But I’m a sucker for turtlenecks.day 16.jpg

Day 17: Three Trees, Two Socks, One Dream

Black and white added a little drama, don’t you think?day 17

Day 18: Blue Christmas 😦

When “last Christmas, I gave you my heart but the very next day, you gave it away.”day 18

Day 19: Straight Outta Your Grandma’s Closet

Truly the ugliest one I own. That collar is just horrendous. *shudder* Did not wear this one in public.day 19

Day 20: Aluminum Christmas

This one made me think of Lucy saying, “Get the biggest aluminum tree you can find, Charlie Brown!” Funny enough, it’s the 50th anniversary of Charlie Brown Christmas, one of my top Christmas movies.day 20

Day 21: Christmas Plaid

This is red and green, I swear!!! Also, another nightgown turned dress with just a belt.day 21

Day 22: Wishing for Snow

Screw global warming.day 22

Day 23: Christmas Eve Eve

Of course, I celebrate Christmas Eve Eve! Another favorite of the challenge. A vest is the best!day 23.jpg

Day 24: The Best Day of the Year

Honestly, I love Christmas Eve better than Christmas Day. Getting a lil less “cheesy” for the best day of the year.Day 24


Santa has come to town and he’s taking his sweet ole time visiting Ohio. Merry, merry Christmas. We solute the end of an ERA.day 25.jpg


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